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Who is somaya reece dating

star meets with relationship coach Darcy Sterling for her first one-on-one session and opens up about her ex-boyfriend's abusive behavior."My boyfriend set the tone of every other man I dated after that," Somaya says. The only thing I remember is that he was beating my head into the ground."Somaya explains that terrifying experience is part of the reason why she's dated more women than men. "I just think they're disgusting.""I can absolutely imagine why you'd feel that way," Dr. After Ellen sat down with Somaya in West Hollywood to get real about being a part of Famously Single and what she learned from the experience, how she’s dealt with her Mom finding out about her sexuality via Google and who was more of the aggressor when she and Lady Luck finally got together.

Over the years, the two kept in contact until finally Somaya thought she and the Jersey native were meant to be. Besides high-profile cast members like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Granville and Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, we’re, of course, drawn to Los Angeles native Somaya Reece (Love and Hip Hop: New York) a woman who had dated men and women in the past but clearly has a preference since, in her words, “I have always been attracted to women.I’ve always felt safe with a woman.”So far on the show, Somaya has been on a date with a woman and in previews, she is kissing another female cast member, model Jessica White, in a hot tub.(The same Lady Luck who held her own in a rap battle against our own Remy Ma! While looking through You Tube videos I came across a few of her freestyles.I was floored at how ridiculously talented, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous she was!

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Not only is her body snatched AF, she has also been in the studio and has a new boo.