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Carlay was released on a written promise and was given a May 2 court date.DEATH INVESTIGATION: A death investigation was reported in the 100 block of Delmar Street.Police charged Bryant with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving, charges that were eventually withdrawn.But by the time word of the incident had spread, some had already convicted Bryant in the court of public opinion.Toronto lawyer Marie Henein will lead the defence team for former attorney general Michael Bryant, who faces two serious criminal charges in connection with the death of a cyclist in an apparent road rage incident.Henein most recently represented former NHL agent David Frost, acquitted on charges he sexually exploited two junior hockey players he had been coaching.Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant continues to await disclosure of the Crown's case against him in the death of a Toronto cyclist, his lawyer says.

What followed has been the subject of impassioned debate. Sheppard hit a fire hydrant on the sidewalk, while the car drove off at about 34 km/h.LARCENY: Two counts of larceny of a Stillwater Supply Company fleece jacket were reported in the 600 block of West King Street.ASSAULT: Assault with a deadly weapon was reported in the 700 block of Queen Street."At the end of the day I don't have control over disclosure," she said. Some witnesses alleged the cyclist chased Bryant and grabbed hold of the driver's side door.She said she is doing everything she can to get the rest of the evidence against Bryant by Nov. Police alleged Bryant took off, crossed into the oncoming lane and mounted the curb, dragging Sheppard along.

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That’s when Sheppard hit the curb, suffering a fatal blow to his head.