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When you don’t have face-to-face time it’s just different.

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler are back in LA after a weekend getaway.

As well the current girlfriend he is dating now at the moment in 2015!

But before going in detail one never forgets his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens: It was actually reported by a magazine that they just began dating in year 2005 and it was time when they were filming a Musical program.

They wore dark caps, hoodies and heavy glasses as they sipped coffee at a cafe along Ponsonby Rd. Butler plays a main role of Wil Ohmsford in the American fantasy series.

After the demise of her relationship with Efron, Hudgens admitted, “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what.

If a guy is such hot and attractive then how he can control his self to date and to romance with girls that is why here we are with dating life details of this actor.

In upcoming year 2016 who is Zac Efron expected to Married?

Vanessa then noted, “I’m so lucky he’s not here because he’d be terrified.” However, Leno wasn’t done with his ribbing as he added, “Look at that big fat guy! ” Austin and Vanesa originally met on the set of musical.

I can’t believe it.” Hudgens was quick to join Leno’s teasing though, stating, “Take it away! However, Hudgens was still dating her co-star, Zac Efron at the time. It was such a liberating thing and kinda reminded me—if I can do that, I can do this.” Hudgens continued, “And then, I just kinda tried to make myself as ugly as possible, whether that was the way that I walked or my mannerisms or the tone of my voice.

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