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Making better music has been the Vandals mantra for years and their new album 'Internet Dating Super Studs,' which hits the stores on Sept. Internet Dating Super Studs, makes no apologies for Punk Rock. On the live front The Vandals are headlining rooms like the Hollywood Palladium and the London Astoria and playing many of the major European festivals. The band has still got it, and this one is for the fans.

Still, it's not yet time to give up on the Vandals and their ho-hum jokes.

After signing to Nitro, The Vandals picked up steam when the release of Live Fast, Diarrhea struck a chord with the new school Lagwagon, NOFX, Green Day crowd.

After playing the main stage on the entire length of the 2001 Warped Tour and it's European cousin, the Extreme Fest 2001, The Vandals just refuse to stop bringing their music directly to their loyal following.

Due to this fact, there are many really bad punk bands in the world. With some of the funniest songs in the genre and the ability to make them all sound different, Internet Dating Super Studs is one of the best punk albums I can remember listening to in years.

Thirteen-year-old kids will love the Vandals’ immature, toilet humor lyrics.

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The Vandals sound more like one of the countless punk-pop bands that try to imitate them.

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