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And when you arrive at your stoop, you don’t see any harm in asking him up for one last beer. You can’t decide if you’re a part of his artistic vision or just the result of too many hours of porn.He attempts to art direct you while you’re fucking. He finishes in under five minutes, and you have your answer.You meet him at some weird party in Fi Di, which you went to because your friend insisted there would be cute straight dudes there, so you did.His name is Dylan or Ryan or Bryan or something, and you think he actually looks kinda cute in his shirt and tie. You invite him back to your place, because he’s gotten progressively cuter as the night goes on and he didn’t make you split the fare.Last Valentine’s Day, in a freezing cold Chicago, the six members of Whitney got so stoned they had panic attacks. God damn,” says singer/drummer Julien Ehrlich grimly.Their hometown was in the grip of a freezing winter and they were all single, so they stayed in their apartment and got high. “I wanted to get the fuck out of there.” Guitarist Max Kakacek – who founded the band with Julien months earlier – remembers that “No one could move.Eternal Youth is the first compilation album by the British mathcore band Rolo Tomassi.

By the time you get back to your apartment, you’re ready for a hate fuck.and all of a sudden he breaks the internet by dropping two (! On first listen, they sound incredible — we should have known that he wouldn’t disappoint us.As we begin to digest these records (and there’s a lot to absorb here), I think it’s a good time to look back on his old group Odd Future and try to make sense of what they were doing.Odd Future was different: they had a “fuck everything” attitude, but not in some cavalier, “YOLO” kind of way.Although they often came across as “giddily nihilistic,” as one writer put it, their music was extremely dark.

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Fans of the corkscrewing lead guitar Max brought to Smith Westerns should be excited too.