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As a homeowner, one way to start managing some of your higher-interest debt is to refinance your existing mortgage with a debt consolidation mortgage.

Today's debt consolidation mortgages are more conservative than those seen during the housing boom, when lenders allowed homeowners to refinance and cash out as much as 110 percent of the value of their homes.When did you last check you had "The Cover" to "Re Cover" when things do not go as planned.With New Zealand experiencing a most unfortunate string of tragedies over recent years, such as the mining disaster, Christchurch earthquakes and tornadoes we have all been given a very close to home reminder on the importance of having Personal Life Insurance and Home and Contents cover. A Personal Loan, Second Mortgage or Caveat Loan can give you almost immediate access to equity in your home.Imagine how much easier refinancing your loans like this would be!Do you want to avoid falling into this trap again and find out how to pay your mortgage off quicker? With the range of Home Loan & Mortgage lenders in New Zealand diminishing significantly with GE Money, Wizard Home Loans, United Home loans, Tasman Mortgages, Freedom Home Loans, Bluestone Mortgages, Property Finance Securities & Pioneer Mortgages now ceasing to operate, many of their clients are now stuck with uncompetitive rates, no top up facilities & no customer service.

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