Ceton cablecard updating firmware

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But it's missing a bunch of recent additions and changes that I'm going to have to manually make now.

Clearly, this product isn't ready for prime time, given the many problems people have been reporting with it, including the way it automatically updates itself without warning or user confirmation.

However, the card is also capable of being used without a Cable CARD to tune Clear QAM channels.

For the first part of the installation, install the Infini TV-4 into your system but do not install the cable card yet.

First, it made my Cablecard-based Ceton Infini TV TV Tuner inoperable in Windows Media Center, no longer able to view or record TV programs or update the program guide.

In the past whenever I've installed or done a major version upgrade of Norton 360, I've had to open up the Network Map to change some settings (the Ceton card works as a network card). I've tried manually adding the Ceton card and Cablecard to the firewall, but that's only partly helped, and I still can't use the card.

If you’re looking to record and watch copy-protected HD content using an HTPC, there is no better option right now than the Ceton Infini TV6.

In the past, options were quite limited as to what you could do with a PC and TV.

There is a bug (or is it a feature) in the card's code that prevents a clear QAM channel's program number from being selected unless the cable card is not installed, and we will be doing basic tests on clear QAM channels first, as part of the installation verification process.

To set up this card on Mythbuntu, you first need to make sure that your version of Myth TV is version 0.25 or greater.

Ceton loaned us a review sample of the Infini TV 6 ETH, as it’s called, and we spent a few weeks putting the device through its paces. The Infini TV 6 ETH is a cable-only product, which means it won’t work with over-the-air ATSC signals via an antenna.

Therefore, you’ll need an active cable subscription in order to use the device.

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I'm probably going to have to revert to the previous version of N360 as not being able to use this card is a non-starter.

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